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SFAN partners with Visa on practical education for youth

Stars From All Nations is joining forces with Global payment giant Visa to unlock the potential of Africa’s youth through practical entrepreneurship and money skills.

Visa is a world-leading digital payments network that removes barriers and connects people to the global economy. Through this strategic partnership with SFAN, Visa brings its thought leadership and industry experience to ReadyforWork digital career accelerator, helping Africa's youth future-proof their careers and launch high-growth businesses.

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How SFAN + VISA Partnership is Setting the Pace in Skills Development

ReadyforWork provides cutting-edge education and tools to help entry-level job seekers and young professionals learn in-demand digital skills and be seen as higher value when launching a startup or looking for gainful and meaningful work.

  • 1

    Market-alinged Curriculum with Personalized Learning Paths

    Our platform enables students to build job confidence and hone critical skills in high-growth fields.

  • 2

    Career Coaching from Industry Experts

    We connect students to role-specific expert instruction from industry leaders, helping them develop skills for entrepreneurship and job success.

  • 3

    Micro Credentials & Workforce Matching

    Students earn a Professional Certificates and demonstrate their job readiness for entry-level work or turn their passions into self-employment.

  • 4

    Learn by Doing, Not Chew and Pour

    Project-based learning and interactive courses from industry professionals with AI-assisted framework makes learning fun and future-focused.

  • 5

    Work-Readiness Gap Analysis and Performance Tracking

    Intelligent dashboard helps students understand how they stack up against their competition and areas of improvement.

  • 6

    Lifelong Learning with Guaranteed ROI

    Ongoing career support with a career pipeline for seamless education-to-industry transitioning.

  • 7

    Success-based Pricing

    Our success-based pricing means learners can enjoy high-value, data-driven education at less than 30% of the cost of traditional programs.

Unique Features Deliver Exponential Benefits

ReadyforWork is a dynamic learning ecosystem that provides career readiness insights, tailored education, and low-cost, emerging talent pipeline.

Learn at your pace and collaborate with co-dreamers

In these times of overwhelming competition, you must treat your learning as an investment. With ReadyforWork, you work on real-world projects with interactive lessons, get step-by-step guidance, performance reports, and peer support. ReadyforWork helps learner demonstrate their skills to prospective employers and gives them tools to nail job interviews.

Optimize your money skills and launch your startup

With our simulated case studies and practical money skills games, you will have fun while developing your financial intelligence. ReadyforWork gives you hands-on skills and community support to build a business, not just another knock-off. We are creating the Hogwarts for young dreamers.

Hire your next high achiever without hustle

For employers and organizations using ReadyforWork for recruitment, workforce upskilling and retraining, we provide insights into their team's performance to help futureproof their business model. We give them an unbiased tool to track high-performing team members, predict attrition rates, and guide HR strategies for talent development.


Education That Yields Superior ROI

1 in 3 youths think their education does not focus enough on skills needed for the workplace and are looking to governments, employers, and education providers to bridge the skills gap, says UNICEF.


  • Minimal career pipeline
  • Zero self-directed learning
  • Zero market-aligned curriculum
  • Outdated frameworks and systems
  • Mainly theoritical, with little practicals
  • One-dimensional content distribution method
  • No guaranteed value for money or accountability
  • Little career coaching from industry practitioners


  • Self-directed learning
  • Direct career pipelines
  • Industry-driven programming
  • Future-focussed, AI-assisted learning
  • Project-based learning from innovators
  • Multi-faced content distribution approach
  • Success-based pricing with guaranteed ROI
  • 1:1 career coaching from subject-matter experts

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