The African Startup Investment Readiness Guide

6 Levers to Improve Your Startup & Increase Investment Readiness.

With contributions from investors and fund managers, including Tomi Davies, Adaeze Zita Edokwe, Kenechi Okeleke, Ebinabo Joshua War, Emmanuel Timassa Mumuni, and Damilola Thompson.

Executive Summary

Investment readiness is the state or condition of a startup that makes it well-prepared and attractive to potential investors. Investment readiness is primal to securing funding for your business or project.

It ensures you are fully prepared to approach potential investors with a solid business plan, financial projections, and a clear understanding of your market and competitors. By assessing and enhancing various aspects of the business to ensure an affinity with investors' demands before committing their financial resources to a company, you increase your chances of securing the funding you need to grow your business and achieve your goals.

Hence, investor readiness involves careful research, planning, and preparation, and it requires a deep understanding of your business and its growth potential. Investment readiness ultimately aims to position you and your company as a strong candidate for investment and demonstrate to potential investors that you can deliver on your promises and achieve your financial goals.

This ebook gives you 6 levers to increase your startup with standard checklists for investment readiness, plus insights from investors on what those checklists mean practically.


State of Funding in Africa at a Glance

Roadblocks to Venture Capital Funding in Africa:

  • Funding and Finance
  • Support Services & Business Training
  • Regulatory Framework

6 Levers to Improve Your Startup & Increase Investment Readiness:

  • Documentation
  • Entrepreneur & Team
  • Commercial Preparedness
  • Financial Overview
  • Technological Competence
  • Impact Measurement

Practical Advice from Investors and Fund Managers

Learn from funders and fund managers what they need from companies they fund and prevent missteps.

Checklists to Improve Investment Readiness & Grow Your Startup

All the tools you need to prove your startup is investible, with actionable insight on actualizing each requirement for various funding stages.

High-level Overview of Africa's Investment Landscape

Be informed about Africa's funding ecosystem, roadblocks to venture capital funding, and possible solutions to addressing them.

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