Unleashing economic prosperity in Africa

One of our mandates is to unleash the world's most remarkable economic renaissance on the continent. As part of our effort to achieve this, we pioneered Global Student Entrepreneurship Week and SFAN Breakfast Meeting to provide a space for innovators to spart meaningful conversations that lead to new funding opportunities, partnerships, and other exciting gigs.

Our Economic Prosperity Projects

Global Student Entrepreneurship Week

Student Entrepreneurship Week prides itself on being an explosive growth-focused startup event with budding entrepreneurs learning from investors and entrepreneurs.

Since its inception, the project has convened over 10,000 guests both online and onsite, with students, budding entrepreneurs, and early career professionals learning from investors and entrepreneurs from Africa, Silicon Valley, the U.K, and beyond. As guests learn how to create a company and build a career, they meet the best mentors, investors, startup entrepreneurs, corporate professionals, diplomats, and community leaders ready to help them get started and succeed.

SFAN Business Breakfast Meeting

We established SFAN Breakfast Meeting, previously known as Future Executives Business Breakfast Meeting, to allow youth entrepreneurs to spark meaningful conversations with like-minded individuals in an unprecedented setting at non-prohibitive costs.

The breakfast has seen more than 500 guests gather to share pertinent business insights, with 18 unique business opportunities presented. SFAN Breakfast has become the go-to breakfast meeting for upwardly mobile youth entrepreneurs looking to access new opportunities and discuss fundamental business concepts, startup tactics, and growth strategies with thought leaders.

SFAN’s Economic Prosperity Agenda

Spark Meaningful Conversations

Providing a space for individuals at various career stages to discuss essential business concepts and share ideas shaping future innovations.

Move From Talks To Action

Building platforms and providing support and network to help enterprising young innovators start and scale globally and celebrating rising community development leaders.

Create Funding Opportunities

Providing investment opportunities and startup tools to help early-stage businesses access funding and venture building support to grow their businesses.

The growing youth population in Africa will continue to outstrip the number of jobs available. Growth in entrepreneurship is inevitable. Organizations like SFAN are playing a pivotal role in supporting rising entrepreneurs."

Tucci Ivowi

CEO, Ghana Commodity Exchange

Unleashing Economic Prosperity in African

Kader Iboudu has been passionate about entrepreneurship since childhood. This desire to make a difference in his country pulled him from Burkina Faso to join SFAN's Student Entrepreneurship Week in 2019.

"SFAN’s Student Entrepreneurship Week Pan-Africa made my dreams come true. Before the Student Entrepreneurship Week, I was a student with ideas. Now I have started my business."

Kader Iboudo

Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

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