Developing skills for the future of work

Africa's education systems haven't caught up with rapid technological advancements and the resultant shifts in today’s nature of work. With AI, automation, and digital tools reshaping where and how we work, workers now face an urgency in skills upgrades to avoid becoming redundant.

We aim to help early career professionals future-proof their careers with in-demand digital skills powered by coach support and real-time data.

Our Quality Education Projects

Unlocking potentials

Engaging with multiple stakeholders for a decade through significant events, research, and consultation programs impacting over 20 million people globally has given us a unique understanding of the edtech landscape. Learners want cutting-edge education and tools that'll help them be seen as higher value when looking for gainful and meaningful work.

Re-inventing learning

ReadyforWork digital career accelerator leverages strategic partnerships with employers and entrepreneurs in high-growth industries to help learners experience a market-aligned curriculum and create successful careers.

Our success-based pricing means learners can enjoy high-value, data-driven education at less than 30% of the cost of traditional programs. Whether you're looking for a new job, want to upskill to future-proof your career, or turn your passion into a business, ReadyforWork provides personalized, project-based learning, 1:1 career coaching, and career pipelines that help participants unlock their life potential.

SFAN's Quality Education Agenda

Market-Aligned Curriculum

A market-aligned curriculum means students learn from industry practitioners and not individuals that never practiced what they’re teaching in real life.

Project-Based Learning

The project-based learning framework allows learners to solve real business problems for real companies, not made-up case studies with zero accountability.

Personalized Education

Personalized education helps learners access tailored materials that meet their career needs where they are and track their progress with actual data.

Ongoing Support

With the community support and job pipeline, ReadyforWork learners get tools, services, and support systems they need to turbocharge their careers.

I, personally, have been developing an external interest in working with young job-seekers in Ghana to develop their personal skills to be able to effectively ‘sell’ themselves to the job market. It is my own opinion that young people in Ghana today, especially young women, are not adequately equipped with the necessary confidence, initiative and communication skills to be able to effectively determine what they want to change in their lives and to go about using such skills to get into the workplace. I realise from looking at SFAN's website that your work is very closely linked to this."

Sarah Hague

Former Chief of Policy and M&E (ACMA), UNICEF Ghana

Helping Early-career Professionals Future-proof Their Careers

Kezia Owusu is one of the beneficiaries of ReadyforWork cohort 4. Kezia realized a need to upskill and future-proof her career, so she joined the digital marketing track. At ReadyforWork, she learned how to tie her 12 years of experience in arts and media together and improve relevant digital marketing skills, giving her a promotion at her current workplace and landing a new role.

"I wish I was 18 when I saw the ReadyforWork digital career accelerator. I learned to believe in myself."

Kezia Owusu

Accra, Ghana

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