Creating a diverse, less-expensive emerging talent pipeline

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, your ability to attract the brightest emerging talents gives you a competitive advantage. Yet, creating a diverse and cost-effective talent pipeline takes time and significant effort.

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SFAN helps SMEs and corporates in high growth industries close their skills gaps

Diverse, less-expensive emerging talent pipeline you can rely on. Resumes are no longer reliable as an instrument for matching talents to jobs. Make data-driven, skills-based hiring decisions and get better results at less than 50% of the cost.

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Right talent, for the right role

For employers and organizations using ReadyforWork for recruitment, workforce upskilling and retraining, we provide insights into their team's performance to help futureproof their business model. We give them an unbiased tool to track high-performing team members, predict attrition rates, and guide HR strategies for talent development.

Save time in recruitment

Cut recruitment costs

Gain full control and visibility

There are no talent scarcities in Africa

Use ReadyforWork for seamless recruitment process with guaranteed value for money.

Crowd-source innovation

Companies are leveraging ReadyforWork to improve their business model by giving their tough business cases as projects to our leaders. This innovative approach helps them build companies that appeal to next-gen leaders.

Make impact with visible ROI

SMEs and corporates are establishing their thought leadership and brand image by co-designing ReadyforWork content and providing scholarships to help young Africans learn in-demand digital skills and start new ventures.

Cost-effective, skills-based recruitment

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