Spark Meaningful Conversations With Like-Minded Individuals

About SFAN Breakfast

SFAN Breakfast Meeting, previously known as Future Executives Business Breakfast Meeting, was established to provide a space for millennial entrepreneurs to spark meaningful conversations with like-minded individuals in an unprecedented setting at non-prohibitive costs.

In six EPIC meetings, the breakfast has seen more than 500 guests gather to share pertinent business insights, with 18 unique business opportunities presented. SFAN Breakfast has become the go-to business meeting for upwardly mobile millennials looking to access new opportunities and discuss real business concepts, startup tactics and growth strategies with thought leaders.


I had the opportunity to attend SFAN Breakfast Meeting in 2016. It was a very well-planned and informative session. The panelists on branding had really great insights and I left there thinking about some of the points raised. I don’t doubt other attendees took a lot from it as well. The pitches were great a good way to know about cool initiatives.

Cassandra Mensah-Abrempah

ex-Program Manager, Google