Build a Network of Contacts with Peers and Industry Leaders

About Quantum Leap Career Fair

Quantum Leap Career Fair is an annual entry-level career fair that helps job seekers and employers to connect and communicate face-to-face. The event provides a platform for participants to gather information on career options, build a network of contacts with peers and industry leaders, identify job openings or secure an interview, and stimulate insightful career discussions that can help them to make quantum leaps in their career journey.

The 2017 edition hosted +250 participants and was hailed as one of the forums that spurred the ongoing conversation around the future of work in Ghana. Join like-minded career professionals to explore practical tools and training for developing skills and accessing resources for career growth.


I participated in Quantum Leap Career Fair, which SFAN organized in collaboration with the British Council in April 2017. And I must say that this has been one of the most significant opportunities in my life so far because my current position at GFA Consulting Limited came as a result of a recommendation from SFAN.

Prince Dogbe

Senior Analyst, GFA consulting