Turning what you love into something that creates opportunities for progress with financial rewards.

Towards the celebration of Global Entrepreneurship Week, we launched our first Twitter Live Chat on Friday, November 4th, 2016, on the theme “turning your passion into a career”.

The meeting hosted two pioneers:

  1. Carolyne Ekayrisiima, founder of Tanzania’s award winning Apps and Girls
  2. Raquel Wilson, Communications Teaching Fellow at MEST Africa

Here are 4 impressive things we learned from the brilliant live chat:

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The world of online content is overcrowded.

But sometimes, expressing thoughts with pen and paper (or keyboard and screen) is more second nature than a thought-out business idea. This does not mean that passion writing cannot be professional, or that content creation is not an income producing full-time venture.

The question is then how to rise above the white noise to create a sustainable, reputable and bankable publication?

When Jemila Abdulai first started Circumspecte in 2007, it was little more than a personal travel blog and public outlet to chronicle her learning while studying abroad. Almost nine years later, she runs the publication as a full-time endeavor, heading a lean team based in Ghana, as she builds her labor of love into a publication to sit between The New York Times, Brain Pickings and The Economist – for Africa.

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Without your reader, customer, or subscriber – you don’t exist.

On June 24th 2016, SFAN brought marketing and branding minds from across Ghana together, in Accra, to discuss the startup pipeline from lead, to new customer, repeat customer and finally tribe member.

The branding panel featured Jemila Abdulai of, Rodney Quarcoo of Magic Unltd, Sadiq Abdulai Abu of MUSE Africa and Lakeshia Marie of Ford Communications, while the marketing portion included Princewill Omorogiuwa of 3rd Floor Digital, Kajsa Hallberg Adu of Blogging Ghana and Lenny Simmons of ClakImpressions.

With a little pause and reflection in the week since the event, these are Dorodrum’s top 3 takeaways from SFAN’s latest Future Executives Business Breakfast Meeting (FEBBM4) focused on marketing, branding and budgets.

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On March 26th, 2016, under the direction of young visionary Tom-Chris Emewulu, SFAN brought their 3rd Future Executives Business Breakfast Meeting to Accra.

One of three main initiatives undertaken by SFAN, Stars From All Nations, the Future Executives Business Breakfast Meeting provides a space for talented young entrepreneurs to spark conversations with established investors, business owners, professionals, and other stakeholders.

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